On this page you will find information about registering for Lay School, as well as tuition, scholarships, meals and housing opportunities.


Tuition for the Lay School of Ministry is $475 per year. Books used for the first two years cost approximately $225. Often you can find some of these books from your pastor or past Lay School participants. Please ask your home congregation if they can provide congregational support for your education. While the Lay School of Ministry program offers scholarship support to encourage participation, it also encourages congregations to support their attendees. Please include your tuition deposit of $100 with your application.

You can register and make payments by credit card on-line at the NW Synod of Wisconsin website (http://nwswi.org/lay-school-of-ministry).

You can also mail in this registration form and a check payable to Northwest Synod of Wisconsin and send these to Vicki Fankhauser, 2210 Priddy Street, Bloomer, WI 54724

Vicki will also provide you with scholarship information if you ask.

For those Lay School weekends where we can meet in person, the Lay School Board typically provides an opportunity for meals at Our Saviours. Vicki can also tell you about meal options.

For those who would need a place to stay for the in person classes, we have a number of volunteers who have opened their homes for attendees to stay. Let us know if you would like housing and we will get you the information you need.