Mentoring Guidelines

The Lay School of Ministry was established to prepare theologically articulate lay persons for ministry in daily life. This process of preparation intends to draw upon the resources and the partnership existing between synod, congregation, and the Lay School of Ministry. A key component is the relationship between participants in the Lay School and a pastor who agrees to serve as mentor during the two years of study.

The role of mentor takes several specific forms:

Leading a “Rite of Beginning” in the congregation as you prepare for the first session of the Lay School and recognizing you publicly as you participate in the two-year course of study.

Making books, periodicals and journals available for your study from the pastor’s personal library. You will not need to own some materials which you will study. You are encouraged to borrow them from your mentoring pastor.

Agreeing to meet with you regularly (at least once per month) while you are participating in the Lay School of Ministry. You will have the opportunity to discuss the material you are studying each month, course readings, your own sense of call, etc.

Engaging you regularly in conversation about specific forms which your ministry may take in your congregation and community.

Giving you the opportunity to assist with leadership in worship, teaching, visitation, or preaching as you desire and are prepared in each of these areas.

The intention is that your mentoring pastor should be the pastor of the congregation of which you are a member. If for any reason your own pastor cannot serve in this role, you may seek a neighboring pastor who will serve as your mentor. Participation in the Lay School of Ministry will require that your application be signed by a pastor who has agreed to serve as your mentor.

Your relationship with a mentor will be a key component of your participation in the Lay School of Ministry. The intention is to compliment your personal study and classroom presentations. It offers the opportunity to integrate knowledge and experience, faith and practice. Please give prayerful consideration to this mentoring relationship as a central piece of your participation in the Lay School of Ministry during the next two years.

Mentors are invited to sit in on the Lay School in action in October. The mentors are welcome to sit in on a class between 7:00-9:00 p.m. At 9:00 p.m. they can participate in a mentors’ conversation with Pastor Phil Ruge-Jones.