Why have students attended Lay School? 

Here are some of their reasons:

1. I felt I wanted and needed to know so much more about my faith.

2. I wanted more background information about our church, local and national, and I wanted to have a proper presentation of our church doctrine.

3. My desire was to expand my active role in serving God more directly. Having attended the Lay School of Ministry at Luther Seminary for the previous five years, when I became aware of the Lay School of Ministry, I knew it was for me. Our studies are advanced, challenging, and interesting. I am so thankful to God that I have this opportunity to study, grow in faith and knowledge with my classmates, as well as being instructed by very competent staff.

4. Since I am a convert to Lutheranism, I wanted to grow spiritually, expand my faith, and learn more about what is the Lutheran perspective on issues of the faith.

5. I chose to be part of the LSM because I want to know why I am still alive! What is God calling me to be and do? I believe that as I study His Word and the Lutheran understanding of it, I’ll be able to better order this gift of life.

6. I’m sorry our year is coming to a close. I’ve learned so much. I have tons more to learn and I’m eager to start my second year.